The account of Jesus walking on water is recorded in Matthew's Gospel, Chapter 14, beginning in verse 22.  From that record we know the apostle Peter attempted the same miraculous feat.  Though his faith failed and he only managed a couple of steps, his boldness and courage has been an inspiration during stormy times in my life.

Step out of the boat, Lord, you're asking of me?
But what of the waves in the wild angry sea?

The wind and the rain, Lord, you surely must know,
They're swamping my boat! Why, I can't even row!

Waves pound and they beat, Lord, my frail little craft;
It's such a weak hull, not a stout sturdy raft.

Step out of the boat, Lord? I'd never dare try,
With such a fierce storm and no star in the sky!

But, what's that you said, Lord? You'll always stay near?
You'll still the wild gale, soothe my heart full of fear?

Then out of the boat, Lord, I boldly will flee,
And to Your strong arms, looking only to Thee.

When You calm the sea, Lord,  I know then I'll stand,
As long as I cling to Your nail-scarred hand.

You step out of your boat, Friend, His promise is true.
Step out on the waves, His hand's reaching for you!

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